6 September 2014

Watching cricket isn't always enjoyable

It's accepted that we are all addicts on planet cricket but when we care about the result it's often very painful to watch cricket. And this is always more true when our side is batting since there is always the fear that a wicket will be lost to the next ball. This is why great innings for your side are better in hindsight than live and why your side's batting innings is always the most difficult part for the captain (particularly a bowling captain who can do little about a crisis). So today, still injured, I have to decide what games to watch. My club's 1st XI is on the brink of promotion but what if they fall short?

So I think I'll head down to another local club who are equally close to promotion but where there is no downside for me if they fail. And their bar will be open. Unless. of course James Taylor is batting at the time ( what has he done to make him so ignorable by the England selectors?)

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