7 March 2010

Goal line technology rejected by Fifa

We've had many debates about technology being used to increase the accuracy of decisions in cricket on Cricket Burble. It seems that even the simplest use of technology in football - goal line technology to check if the ball has crossed the line - has been rejected. Ironically, on that same day a Birmingham goal was ruled out by the officials who didn't have access to the TV replays.

Anything that allows the watching audience to check if the referee of umpire are correct should be considered in all sports, if the ruling bodies want to see the authority of referees and umpires to remain. The only question really needs to be how the technology can be used without a huge impact on the sport in question. Goal line technology is a no brainer - it's not going to be used very often so won't impact on the game much and when it is used, it won't take long at all - it either is a goal or isn't.

FIFA say "the door is closed" but it's only a matter of time before they are forced to put this in place - I'm not sure if it will be years or decades but it will happen. Imagine if the World Cup final hinged on a wrong refereeing decision about the ball being over the goal line! More poor leadership from a sporting body (note "leadership" as opposed to "management" - most can manage, it's harder to lead).

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