15 March 2010

Shut up Dominic Cork

I've had virtually no time to take an interest in the current Bangladesh v England Test match, but I did tune into TMS yesterday morning to see how things were going just before tea. I was free to listen until the end of the day's play, but the period I listened to wasn't exactly pleasurable listening as Dominic Cork's ego took over, so I switched off.

Commentating with Simon Mann he seemed to want to somehow get the better of the senior commentator. He has a right to his opinion and there are many that were arguing like him that England should have enforced the follow on, but he puts his point across like a spoilt teenager arguing with his mother having not been allowed out one evening. Multiply Ian Botham's bleating by 10 and you'll get the idea. And then he started to say that Trott should be dropped - that's when I switched off....

Perhaps CMJ could take him to one side and explain that he is meant to give his opinion, but the days of him having any influence on the decision are over. His role is to give the rationale for his opinion and let the listeners consider it for themselves - not ram his view down the throats of the listeners without giving both sides of the argument. So next time, shut up Dominic.

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