15 March 2010

The Lara Bingle / Michael Clarke summary

I've been expecting an Aussie point of view on the Bingle/Clarke affair in Australia but it hasn't happened so for the Brits, here's my brief summary....

Bingle is a model - very attractive and darling of the tabloids.

When she was aged 20 a married sports star with a child had an affair with her - not sure of his name but I think he was a rugby league player or Aussie rules or something.

The guys wife left him and the affair became public. Bingle claimed not to know he was married.

She meets Michael Clarke who not unaturally thinks she's a bit of a hottie. And then the start to officially date.

They get engaged.

The guy she had an affair with makes public some nude pictures of her in the shower.

She is appalled. Clarke returns to her side rather than play for Australia in the ODI series v New Zealand. Much criticism of Clarke's loyalty to his other half rather than the national cricket team.

Clarke announces that their engagement is off on Friday. And that he'll rejoin the team for the first Test in NZ.

There you go - citizen journalism at it's best!!

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