15 September 2010

Comedy end to the season!

First Nottinghamshire had to halt their crucial match because of sun. Now Somerset look like they'll be leaving early tomorrow. Honestly....if I was a Somerset player I'd pay for my own travel to Lords overnight - what's going on?!?

My Somerset-supporting father-in-law (who has been listening to each day's play) will not be very happy if the cider boys miss out because they have to catch a plane...


Peter Lamb said...

Neither will your Somerset member father! The little dears have all Friday to travel 300 miles, surely that isn't too tiring, whether by road, rail or air.

Muttley said...

Somerset won't miss out by leaving early. Both teams agreed to play extra overs on the first 3 days to offset the early finish on Day 4.

Come on Yorkshire!!!!

Ed said...

Yes but normally you'd make up time when it's lost earlier in the match and they now can't do that so they've put themselves as a disadvantage! Doesn't look like Yorkshire are doing that well though???

Ed said...

To be honest I'll be annoyed if Notts get 400 and 3 wickets and win the title that way now, as it's near-certain Somerset would have won their game if they'd played normal hours in their match.

And anyone that's heard me bang on about eliminating the role of luck will know I hate that playing a part!

Whoever requested the change to playing hours from Somerset needs shooting - even if the weather had been brilliant for the last 4 days by finishing earlier there was always a chance they'd be handing their fellow challengers an advantage as the others would know what they'd need to do to win the Championship once the Somerset game finished and adjust tactics appropriately.

Ed said...

Mind you, I suppose you could argue that Notts would have won but for weather too?!?

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