20 September 2010

Ian Bell in form, Ijaz Butt out of form

Apart from punching the air after hitting boundaries before the end of the game on Saturday, it sound like Ian Bell's innings was pure quality and given the form he's in, it seems inevitable that he should be brought back into England's ODI side. So who makes way? If Bell plays, it looks like they need one from three in Collingwood, Bopara and Wright. They'll be reluctant to drop Collingwood given his fielding and (strangely) they seem to have more confidence in his bowling than Bopara and Wright's. But Wright played a handy little knock in the last match while his team mates fell at the other end. It'll be interesting to see which way they go, but the great news is that England have a squad with depth for next year's ODI World Cup.

Sadly it was inevitable that people might question England's surrender at The Oval given their collapse from a seemingly comfortable position. But for it to be the Chairman of the PCB, Ijaz Butt, and a public statement that England threw the game is somewhat worrying. His position has been called into question many times but knowing how to conduct himself as a public figure is surely a prerequisite for the job, so for cricket's sanity to return, he needs to go. And that remains the case even if the unthinkable happens and England are found to have thrown the game.


Dhiraj said...

Absolutely agree about Butt. The sad thing from a Pakistani point of view is that after a great performance by Gul, his own chairman undermines it by questioning the English batsmen.

As well as England being angry at the allegations, I would assume the Pakistani team are also angry at Butt for the notion that their win was gifted to them.

Separate point regarding the batting line up. England's lack of confidence in both Bopara and Wright will hurt them next year. They need games to get use to difficult situations, and the rest of the series would have been a good time to play one of them at least instead of Collingwood who could do with a break.

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