6 September 2010

Next IPL will go on and on and on and on

We knew that the IPL was going to be longer this year, but having endured one of the most dreary Twenty20 competitions in history over this English summer, ruining the best part of the year for Championship cricket, cricket fans will now have to choose if they can be bothered following the IPL next year. It starts a few days after the 2011 World Cup final and will include an extra 14 matches.

I'm a massive cricket fan and I can't get up for this - like last year if someone can shake me awake for the semis I'll take an interest from that point. It will be interesting to see if, by focusing on the Indian market that seem to be able to take as much cricket as they're fed, the rest of the world end up being turned off and the IPL becomes just another domestic tournament.

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