16 February 2011

KP as an opener?

That's not something I saw coming - using Pietersen as an opener. It didn't really work today with Pietersen making a start and not converting (no change there then), but it will be interesting to hear from England after he match whether this is the plan for the World Cup when it starts.

Stuart Broad played in the end, despite not being well, although why England felt they needed to ask the ICC for dispensation to play Tremlett (who's not in the squad) in a warm up game confuses me. It's up to them what they do isn't it - other sides have even fielded 12 or 13 players!

Disappointed that Bopara isn't in the side, as I imagine King Cricket might be given their Bopara piece yesterday - I thought the top 7 picked themselves and it was just a matter of working out what order to bat them in....


Peter Lamb said...

If we're struggling to find an opener why have we ignored Alastair Cook? I seem to remember he didn't do badly in the Ashes series! I know he's not the fastest scorer in the one-day context, but neither is Trott.

Andrew said...

KP opening is something I've wondered about before. It could give him time to build an innings, or to tee off in the way Gilchrist used to, depending on the situation. This isn't really the time to be trying new things though.