15 February 2011

Out of The Ashes review

I don't know if anyone else has seen Out of The Ashes but my pre-Ashes deal to get Sky in return for my wife getting a dog meant that I have watched it now. It was eagerly anticipated by John Wright and by most cricket enthusiasts I imagine.

Overall view? It was ok. I know - hardly a sweeping judgement one way or the other, but perhaps it didn't live up to the hype? Maybe I was expecting too much, like knowing the score when you were watching the clips of matches, without which you only had the audio to guide you on the match situation and that happened all too rarely.

But there was one massive highlight for me. After a Shane Watson/Jonathan Trott style running mix up, two players were left at the same end. As the batsman that was out came off the pitch he shouted something which was translated below in English: "He's a bi-sexual. Why did you make me bat with a bi-sexual?"

That's what international cricket is all about....

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Andrew said...

Just got around to watching this and enjoyed it, very interesting, but I know what you mean about not quite living up to the hype. Reading the reviews online, the lack of context in the games, i.e. the lack of scores, has been picked up by a lot of reviewers as an annoyance.
I was also interested by this article by one of the film makers, written during the process, as a lot of the anecdotes she mentions never made it into the film: