9 February 2011

What a shame for Bopara

Much as he'll be excited by his elevation to take Eoin Morgan's place I find that I've now lost about 50% of my already dwindling interest in this tournament as a consequence and I bet there's plenty like me.


Chris White said...

Here's another one. Such a shame we won't be seeing one of the most exciting young cricketers in the one-day game. Bopara is a decent replacement, and arguably adds a bit of balance to the side, but Morgan will be sorely missed.

Ed said...

Morgan will be sorely missed of course, but Bopara also has the skill to be a top international batsman now and he's the perfect replacement for Collingwood in the 5-day game (yes, I know Morgan will probably take the spot initially) as he can bowl.

One door closes, and another opens. Bopara should have been in the squad all along ahead of Wright....if he can take a wicket every 5 overs while going at less than 5 an over, and average 33 from number 7, as he did at the last World Cup, then that will be fantastic.

Mark Davis said...

Fair comment about Bopara v Wright coming from the South coast.