2 May 2011

Alviro Petersen makes poor start

You may remember that over the off-season I was critical of the way that the Glamorgan heirarchy were managing the County, as they pushed out Jamie Dalrymple and gave Matthew Maynard no option but to resign, after a season in which they were very close to securing promotion. Of course the 4 day game is not where the money comes from and Glamorgan's lack of limited overs success was given as the reason for the turmoil.

A season that looked like it would probably end in promotion before all the changes has now started badly, and more so as the management's choice of Alviro Petersen looks questionable at this early stage. First he made comments on Twitter about his struggles, and then seems to have responded negatively to the criticism of his comments on the Reverse Sweep.

It will be interesting to see if this is a blip or the start of a management-instigated decline at Glamorgan.

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