2 May 2011

Batting with a runner

I don't remember having to use a runner before but that's what happened on Saturday and it was a bit of a surreal experience sitting on my bat handle at point as my runner and batting partner decided to do the old yes, no, sorry routine with my wicket at stake! Fortunately start, stop, start, stop, start resulted in one run successfully taken and I was able to resume my innings although I soon snicked off to first slip unfortunately.

A strained right quad meant that I was able to bowl and stand at slip but understandably there were question marks from the opposition after I'd needed the runner to bat. But the only thing I couldn't do was sprint, so fingers crossed, I'll be able to carry on playing as normal but perhaps have to deal in boundaries when batting! We got the win we needed to start the season though.

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Mark Davis said...

Captain too I see

Ed said...

Yes, our 19 year-old skipper from last year decided that he would enjoy not having the responsibility....difficult to argue given his age!

Anonymous said...

There was always a single there!