20 May 2011

Different styles

Basic instructions to young cricketers include using only three words for deciding whether to run -'yes', 'no' and 'wait'. Earlier this sesason we met a number 9 batsman (who scored 75 against us, about which there should be some Law) whose calls included 'easy' for no or wait and for 'yes' he called 'twotwotwotwotwo'. Yesterday against a West Indian side we met an umpire who instead of 'play', which he seemed to think needed to be called at the beginning of each over, called 'let's get it on!'. Brilliant !
Incidentally has anyone else wondered why Puma or Craig Kieswetter think that a photograph in an advert apparently showing him pouring tea down himself will sell bats ( particularly Kieswetter himself) ?
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Chris White said...

I played yesterday and we had a hilarious run out, where the batsman on strike tucked a ball straight to midwicket, shouting yes, whilst the non-striker shouted no.

Needless to say the batsman on strike got run out half way up the pitch, at which point he turned to his batting parter and literally bellowed at the top of his voice, "Shout louder next time you fool", and proceeded to storm off. I've never seen anyone do that before...

Matt O'Toole said...

I always tend to use 'LOOKING!' instead of 'wait' to remind to the striker to keep an eye on the fielder attempting to pick up the ball.