21 July 2014

England captaincy debate continues....

Interesting to hear the debate on TMS about who could replace Alastair Cook should he go as captain - if it happens wouldn't England have been in a so much better position had they picked James Foster from the start of the summer so that he could have stepped into the captaincy role?   What a pity they didn't go with my selection!   Having said that England would have missed out on their top Test run scorer this summer if they'd not picked Root!

Mike Selvey mentioned Chris Read as a possible keeper/captain but he's a couple of years older than Foster so for me Foster's the man.   Sounds like Jos Buttler will take the keeping slot and Cook will continue as captain but time will tell....

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Wisey said...

Morgan will be the next England Captain. Has been on the cards for a while and may happen sooner rather than later if things continue to go badly. Everyone will make a big thing about his technique outside off stump but he has the steel to deal with the pressure in the big moments. He also has the flair and destructive ability to provide a blend with the others in the middle order. One of the other under performing batters will be eased out. Whispers in the media today from Vaughn and Agnew already.

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