21 July 2014

Jadeja taking too many risks

It's always interesting to observe how the media report on the success or failure of different batsman and yesterday was no different.   Binny was of course reckless in trying to hit Moeen Ali over the top when on 0.   Jadeja on the other-hand played a brilliant counter-attacking innings.   They both did the same thing - i.e. try to hit over the top before they were set - but Jadeja got lucky with the ball skewing past point, where as Binny didn't.

With the game still in the balance at that point, both were crazy shots.   Jadeja's career average of 22 prior to this match is perhaps explained by a lack of appropriate shot selection - he clearly has the talent to average far higher.   To put that in context Tim Bresnan averages 26 and Stuart Broad 24.

Possibly the worst shot played by Jadeja and Binny yesterday was Jadeja's shot to get out.   Coming down the wicket and skying a hook just when India could have pushed on to 350+ ahead and ruled out an unlikely England win.   It's one thing to get out before getting set, but another to pretty much give your wicket away when on 68.

So while effective, for me Jadeja's innings was chancy and over-attacking for the situation.   If I was England I'd be hoping he bats like that every innings.   He'll rightly take the plaudits for this knock but he'd better get used to a lot of low scores if he continues to bat like that.

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