19 July 2014

Moeen Ali's attitude to his first ball

There's much to like about Moeen Ali and the way he's approached Test cricket.   He looks unphased and, but for some poor support from fielders and captain alike, his bowling would have been getting many more plaudits than it has done.   Given the lack of other options, for me Ali should be England's spinner throughout the summer and he should be used as a front line bowling option by Cook.

But after all those positives, there's one thing that worries me about Ali and that's the way he plays his first ball when he comes in against spinners.   Against Sri Lanka he came down to Herath first ball and hit him over the top for 4.   Next ball he was out playing a loose drive.

Yesterday he came in against Jadeja and hit over wide mid-on first ball.   It was a terrible shot.   It doesn't matter that it was successful - it will come off sometimes but it's way too high a risk to come in and hit a length ball over the top first ball against world class spinners.

I hope someone gets hold of him and he weighs up his risk/reward a little better in future.

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