11 February 2008

Cricket groups on Facebook

Facebook has turned up some gems tonight as I looked to see what sort of cricket groups existed on the social network with over 8 million members, and over 60,000 that have stated they like cricket in their interests....

German women living in England who are members of county cricket clubs (above) seems to have just 4 women in it out of 30 members. "I have a fetish for German women living in England who are members of county cricket clubs. Coooor!" and "hello ladies..... we all love ze germans! especially the big butch ones.... mmmmm buff stuff" seem to be the comments from this small group.

Through looking at the group "Cricket is rained off sex is the best you will ever have" - a group that was started by a girl called Olivia and with 21 members - I found another group called "10 reasons to date a cricket player" - thanks to the 20,294 members there are now many more than 10 reasons, but number 1 is "cricketers always wear protection" and it gets worse from there!

Alas for Shane Warne, the Shane Warne appreciation society on Facebook has just 12 members (while "I hate the Australian cricket team" has 790) and yet the group "Brian Charles Lara: the messiah of cricket" has 940 members. That leaves Sachin in 2nd place amongst recent batting heroes as the group "Cricket is my religion and Tendulkar is my god!!!!!" has only 661 members. None of these cricketers match up to the "Corridor cricket appreciation society" who have over 1,300 members....which puts "BYC (Back Yard Cricket) - the world game" to shame as they have less than 300 members.

"Cricket would be more exciting if hot women in bikinis played it" doesn't fare well as they only have 726 members despite their catchy group name, but perhaps the most surprising is a Scott Styris appreciation group. There must be hundreds of blind people on Facebook as 368 people have joined the group "Scott Styris - the best looking man in cricket", or perhaps that group has a tinge of irony!

Time to start up a Cricket Burble group on Facebook? No, I don't think I'll bother....just yet.