23 February 2008

In, out? Shake it all about....

It's really interesting reading Cricinfo's commentary on the 5th ODI between New Zealand and England, and comparing it to the radio commentary. Like many English cricket fans (presumably) I got up to find out what was going on and stuck the radio on - as it happened the rain had just started falling and they were reviewing the New Zealand innings. According to the radio, Ryder was LBW for 0 and not given, Flynn wasn't out LBW but was given, and Vettori was caught behind and not given.

Looking at the Cricinfo commentary on these potential wickets:

Anderson to Ryder, no run, massive shout, and that is very close! Conceivably pitched outside leg ... but there wasn't a lot wrong with it. Lucky.

Sidebottom to Flynn, OUT, that's utterly plumb, and suddenly there's a bit of excitement about this game. Pitches on off, nips back, and Flynn's front foot is planted. A sad end to his debut innings, but there's a finish in prospect now...

Anderson to Vettori, no run, the ball zips past the outside edge, a loud appeal from behind the wicket but Billy Bowden yet again unmoved. Anderson looks bewildered ... Vettori stands utterly stony faced. Did Vettori hit it? We may never know...the replays are inconclusive...

To me this goes to show that replays are needed for all decisions - having seen the replay Ryder's LBW pitched outside leg...the Flynn LBW is described as plumb by the Cricinfo reporter, and yet it was going over the top according to the radio...and Vettori was (apparently) proved to be out using the snickometer although the highlights at Crideos don't show the vital snickometer replay. There was also no mention on the radio of another decision that was out on replay - Styris LBW to Collingwood - that has been added to Cricket Burble wrong decisions.

I can't wait for more technology to be used as has been proposed by the ICC's Chief Executive committee this week.

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