28 February 2008

Sledging - what's ok and what's not

I'm definitely not pro-Aussie, but all the chat about sledging between India and Australia is doing my head in! Perhaps I am the only person that thinks the line between what is acceptable and what isn't is pretty easy to gauge if you use common sense....

Not even close: "Mad boy" - what Hayden apparently calls Harbajan (except in radio interviews when he calls him an "obnoxious little weed"!)

Getting slightly closer, but not warranting any post-match debate - at worst a word from the umpires: "Bastards" - what Hogg allegedly said to Kumble and Dhoni when they were batting together at one point during the Test series.

Over the boundary: "Monkey" or any other racist reference.

To me it seems so simple - am I over simplifying?


Anonymous said...

Is it ok to call someone an obnoxious little weed. even off the pitch?

Anonymous said...

Remember that Harbajan never called Symonds monkey or at least it wasn't proven.

GROV said...

It all seems rather daft to me when cricketers should be man enough to sort it out on the pitch. I cannot recall an instance of anyone copmplaining in a game I played in (quite a lot over the years). I remember one of our team being sledged on a football field and the whole of our team just laughed. Surely professionalism should include not being provoked by inane comments?