26 February 2008

Illegal gloves and Real averages

I thought that like football referees not sending players off for arguing with them and scrum halves putting the ball in crooked, the law about webbing on keepers' gloves was just one of those that were there in theory (and the law book) but not used.
But now I see that MS Dhoni has been rapped over the knuckles and the gloves he wore on Sunday banned - he's got to wear a pair with less webbing in future.

Now this leaves us with a dilemma about whether we should investigate and delete all the dismissals made with illegal gloves (actually only Gilchrist in Sunday's match when Dhoni changed gloves - before or after the dismissal ?) to make our real averages even more 'real'.


Ed said...

I'm sure you could have made so much more of the "rapped over the knuckles" line given the context of the story!!

Mark Davis said...

Just subtle