26 December 2009

Australia's conversion joke

Ok, its now getting beyond a joke. In three tests and one day this summer Australian batsmen have scored 18 half centuries without registering a single century. A large proportion of these scores have been in the 90s and 80s. Its obviously becoming a bit of a mental barrier as well as Shane Watson freely admitted after play today.
The two worst culprits are the openers Watson and Katich. Between them they have passed 80 on seven occasions without going on to three figures and today we saw Watson run out in comical fashion for 93 and Katich top edge a cut/guide (a shot he plays with ease normally) straight to gully for 98. Here's a quick break down of the scores:
Watson 96, 89 and 93
Katich 92, 80, 99 and 98
Ponting 55 and 57
Hussey 66 and 82
North 79 and 68
Hauritz 50*
Clarke 71, 61*
Haddin 55* and 88


Aussie Dave said...

And the nightmare continues. Another two half centuries added to the list today. Hussey 82 and Hauritz 75. All five batsmen dismissed in Australia's innings scored between 50 and 99. The total now stands at 20.

Ed said...

The media can get obsessed by this sort of stuff to the detriment of the players - at the last world cup England's media couldn't talk about anything else but the lack of centuries from England's top 3 and it was totally unproductive.

They'll come good and it will be a thing of the past....

Pete said...

Surely the problem is actually everyones obsession with getting to three figures? Is Watson getting 96, 89 and 93 really that much worse than getting 101, 104 and 107? It might look good in the record books but in the context of the game it makes not a scrap of differnce

Ed said...

Nothing to worry about now Dave - Watson has got into 3 figures so I expect others will and the lack of centuries will be seen as a short-term blip....

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