16 December 2009

Why aren't they using all the technology available?

"Strauss had steadfastly (and correctly) refused to be drawn on three earlier occasions, but his resolve cracked twice in quick succession - first when Anderson ducked an inswinger off an inside-edge and into Kallis's pads, and then when Swann and Prior were convinced that de Villiers had under-edged an attempted slog-sweep. With no HotSpot available to the third umpire, however, that decision was never likely to be overturned, and Strauss was rightly left kicking himself afterwards."

I've no idea if it was out, but why was there no HotSpot available?


Winks said...

Isn't it because there are only about 4 hotspot cameras available in the world and they are all in Australia and NZ at the moment. If only I could build one I can see an easy way to make money.

Ed said...

Hmmm. If that really is the case I think they need to invest in more than 4 and at least one in each Test playing country! Bizarre....!