3 December 2009

Sehwag is a freak

I posted the other day about the averages of India's top order. Sehwag averages 50 then at a strike rate of 80. His latest (as yet unfinished) innings of 284 off 239 balls is freakish. To score at Twenty20 pace over such a long period is not normal and the assumption is that he'll lose his wicket tomorrow morning. But if he lasts until lunch he'll be near the World Record.

Normally I'd want to watch the highlights of the innings, but when Sehwag's batting highlights seem to mean every ball!


Venkat Palla said...

if you wish sehwag will loose his wicket , i wish whole of your belowd naton wash away.

Ed said...
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Ed said...

I don't wish it on him - I'm suggesting that if you play in such a care-free way it's unlikely that you'll be able to play yourself in successsfully for a second time given the risks taken (and so it proved).

It's exhillarating batting so I don't think anyone would wish him to be out!