18 December 2009

The future of cricket on screen....

......is safe. Much talk as ever about how the lack of cricket on terrestrial television means that the youngsters are not given the chance to see it and get attracted to it. Talking to a friend last night I learnt that we are missing the point - his 7 year old son is learning all about variation in bowling and even how to set a field on his Wii.
Well I reckon that that is the way forward - how many 7 year olds would learn how to set a field from a TV?
Incidentally I understand that Australia are 300-7 against hs bowling and that of his father and that it almost takes the same ammount of time as the real thing.
Happy Christmas -I'm off the the ski slopes. Will I run into Dave McCabe and Angus (or should I say Adrian) Fraser ?

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