4 January 2010

Cricket Burble dismay at Lorgat interview on DRS

I learnt 2 things from listening to Jonathan Agnew talk to Haroon Lorgat during the lunch interval on day 1 of England's Test v South Africa:

1. The UDRS now seems to be termed the DRS! Someone must have decided that the word "umpire" might give the impression that the umpires were under review.

2. Haroon Lorgat seems to be in denial about the success of the DRS. He thinks that all the problems are simply part of a process of change. He seems to give no consideration to the point that the ICC could have handled things differently and the whole thing could have been considerably smoother. One of the hardest things in the workplace is working with those that really do believe they have nothing to learn - those that recognise their errors are always stronger. So it scares me that Lorgat can be so one eyed....

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bettiwettiwoo said...

So instead of 'udders' we can now pronounce it 'dross'?! :)