15 January 2010

Strauss is best off losing the toss?

A witty article all about how Strauss is good at winning the toss, but when he does his results are actually worse. Perhaps poor old Kirsty Perrin, who I posted about in December as she had lost 30 tosses in a row, didn't need to worry after all!

I still really like the idea of having some kind of auction at the toss as John Wright Burbled last year - doubt it will ever catch on but it seems like the best solution to taking out the luck of the coin toss.


Aussie Dave said...

Sorry Ed, I'm still having trouble understanding the need to remove the element of luck from the game.
To me luck is a crucial part of not just cricket, but any sport. It helps create another dimension of drama and unpredictability.

Ed said...

The issue is that if one captain wins all 5 tosses in an Ashes series then they have a miles better chance of winning the series than if they won 3 out 5. I agree there will always be an element of luck but such big things as the toss and wrong umpiring decisions, for me, can skew the game too much in one direction (depending on the wicket/conditions).

Don't worry - I do realise that I'm in the vast minority!