12 January 2010

Few thoughts on the Newlands Test

1) How is Daryl Harper still employed as an international umpire?

2) Noted in a previous post, AB De Villiers is no saint when it comes to cheating.

3) Graeme Smith declared too late. Surprisingly, not a lot has been said of the timing of his declaration, which I find odd, as England were never going to chase anything above 350 runs and with an extra 20 or so overs, Smith would have had a third new ball at his bowlers' disposal.

4) Of the fifth bowler options available for England at Cape Town, why is Trott being chosen ahead of Pietersen, who I feel should bowl more, and Bell,who isn't a bad medium pacer but seems to be forgotten amongst the part-time bowler options?

1 comment:

Ed said...

3) I don't agree at all! England weren't far away from getting to the end of day 4 with all 10 wickets in hand and mounting what would have been a relatively easy chase. If there had been 2 overs to go to the new ball at the end of Day 5 I think you may have had a case but they were a fair way off a 3rd new ball in the innings.

4) When Collingwood's fit he should play a role of containment.