20 May 2010

Foxes in comeback - but still not a hen

Despite Ed's earlier postings about the accidental shooting and trapping of foxes I'm delighted to be able to report, from a recent trip to The Oval, that Foxes are making a comeback. One in particular, rumoured to have its den by the famous Gasworks site, clearly thinks that the outfield is its own domain. Its first ventue of the day prompted no break in play largely because it had the knowledge to cross the field when the bowling was from the other end - unlike a couple of booted and suited gents who felt that the empty seats in front of the sight screen needed filling. The foxes next passage was from third man to the extra cover bounday and since Surrey were then scoring at less than 2 an over provided better entertainment for players and spectators. Later on when it was appreciated that since the fox couldn't catch pigeons it was no threat and was ignored by the players. Last seen asleep in the OCS stand.

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Andrew said...

I attended a championship game at the Oval in 2005 where due to the rain ruining the game, most of the conversation was about the fox which, the previous day, had been caught out by the rising of the gas holder next to the ground, and was stuck on top of it for much of that day's play.