13 May 2010

The inquisition starts in India

Yes, they lost 3 games in the Super 8s and they didn't have a warm up game or games, but as always reaction has gone way over the top in the Indian media, just the same as it always does when England do well or badly in our media. Losing games of Twenty20 isn't something that heads should roll for - it's perfectly feasible for a good batsman to get a good ball or have to go after the bowling immediately meaning they get themselves out. Likewise a batsman may just get the better of the bowling on any given day and/or edge it past the keeper for boundaries several times.

Those pointing at the IPL as the one reason that India lost are over-simplifying things - it may not have helped but as Sanjay Mandrekar has pointed out the main thing to concern themselves with is their shortcomings against the short ball, having just come away from India where the pitches are relatively slow and low. Nothing a few nets won't sort out and no reason to panic.