12 May 2010

Not really funny, but..........

Poor Mark Footitt was injured on day 1 of the current match but soldiered on the following morning. Bad enough getting hit batting but............ bowling and.......... by a team mate.

http://www.middlesexccc.com/match.asp?MatchID=500 Press the word highlights and look at Day 2 Listen also to how the commentator keeps the giggles under control when he mentions Neil Dexter's injury.
Wasn't there an England goalkeeper who broke a foot by dropping a jar of salad cream on it ?


Ed said...

Dexter was injured putting the rubbish out?!?

It certainly didn't appear to be Footitt's day. But really if he was going to back away that far (when he was out) he may as well have retired hurt!

idw said...

Think the best sporting injury was sustained by Derek Pringle - he once damaged his back when his chair collapsed, forcing him to withdraw from a Test match, although the story usually (but wrongly) told is that he sustained the injury whilst writing a letter.

Ed said...

I seem to remember someone - think it was DeFreitas - pulling a muscle by slipping in a shower and missing an away Test, but breaking a chair definitely beats that....

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