3 April 2008

Alastair Cook's career real average

Having seen that Alastair Cook was the recipient of much fortune over the last 4 England series, I checked back over his short career to see how much luck he'd had. (For Cricket Burble purposes luck is defined as the difference between a batsman's official average versus their real average - their real average taking into account dropped catches and wrong umpiring decisions). Over the last 4 series the difference for Cook had been 13 runs - by far the largest in the England side. To see the full list for England over the last 4 series, click here.
Cook has had positive luck of 11.5 runs per innings over his international career - a huge stroke of fortune. I hope for his sake that his luck doesn't turn this English summer as he's not had the greatest run - even given the luck he's had - of late.

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