27 April 2008

Happy Slapping: Part II

Further to Ed's post about the fine received by Mohammad Ashraful for slapping a spectator, it seems that the Bangladeshi captain is not the only cricketer with a tendency to let his palms do the talking! Never far from controversy these days, Harbhajan Singh has just been suspended pending an inquiry into claims he slapped Sree Santh during a recent IPL game between Mumbai Indians and the Kings XI Punjab team.

According to the BBC, "TV pictures showed Santh crying at the end of the game, which his side won." Bless.


Ed said...

I'm confused. I've always thought that he was called Sreesanth, but the BBC always call him Santh. Which is it?!?

On Cricinfo, he's named as Shanthakumaran Sreesanth.

I'm not sure if you'd get a slap if you got his name wrong - probably more like a verbal assault and some stupid posturing judging from his conduct to date....

Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy that Harbhajan has finally got what he deserves, in my opinion. I think Hayden was spot on with his "obnoxious little weed" comment. I've always thought he was over-rated, especially by himself, and have wondered where his extreme arrogance stems from.

I was watching the game that the slap was in. Throughout, Harbhajan's leadership stood out like a sore thumb. He is probably the worst captain I have ever seen. Every time a fielder mis-fielded off his bowling he had tantrums - not anything constructive that could possibly be deemed as a kick up the backside - just rants designed to make the fielder feel as bad as possible. Needless to say, the fielding went from bad to worse after that.

The only person responsible for Mumbai Indians' loss that night was Harbhajan.