18 April 2008

Why is Ramps washing dishes?

I got this email from The Daily Telegraph about their Fantasy Cricket today. All very nice - not sure if I'll take part or not, but anything that drives more involvement in cricket is great as far as I'm concerned....
You can see the Fantasy XI picked by Mark Ramrakash himself here.
What intrigues me is why Mark Ramprakash is pictured washing up with his batting gloves on? Can anyone shed any light or even make any suggestions as to the thinking of the designer? Am I missing something really obvious?


Mark Davis said...

A better question is why did he hook his second ball yesterday into fine leg's hands.
I missed it - it was my turn to fetch the beers but enjoyed the cheer!
Must say the temporary members area at the Oval in the OCS stand gives a super view. Pity about the beer!
Great result for those of us from North of the river too !

Ed said...

You'll have to tell us how good strauss' innings really was? Chanceless?

I think I can answer my own question....I caught the end of a radio ad that was talking about Ramps washing dishes (and giving lots of exciting roles to all the England players) - looks like someone knocking out a quick email (wrongly) assuming prior knowledge of the campaign....tut tut.

Mark Davis said...

Two went head high square on the offside but no-one near so probably deliberate.
Surrey then posted two points (walking in, so not gullys) and that was too late - nothing more went through there.
Mind you some of Surrey's bowling was dire