15 April 2008

Knowing what the Summer is for.

Those young enough to be attending school currently and those in the right age bracket to have children doing so (and those who commute past schools) will have noticed that with Easter so early this year (so early that we're still playing hockey 3 weeks later) the term dates are all askew. That's quite apart from the confusion about what the terms are called (and the semesters which bear no relationship to the terms) , for example who is Hilary?and how many of us regularly refer to Michaelmas?

But now I see from The Times that one school clearly understands the importance of Summer - Charterhouse call the term starting today 'Cricket Quarter' - quite right too!


Ed said...

Shouldn't the cricket season start as soon as the clocks go forward as that is British Summer Time? And end when the clocks go back?

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking, but it could backfire somewhat. I have played in teams that would be relegated by the end of May if that were the case!