8 April 2008

Hussain gets plaudit from Tendulkar

"Asked who he thought was the most inspiring captain he had encountered, Tendulkar said Nasser Hussain, the former England captain, was one who was always two steps ahead of the game."

So says Sachin Tendulkar at the end of this piece which mostly refers to the fact he may still want to take part in the next World Cup. (I find it surprising that is news - before the last World Cup the Indian media where near hysteria about the fact that it was the last World Cup was the last one for several of the older generation - I always thought Tendulkar would play in 2011 - we'll see but he's certainly not on his last legs yet).

Anyway, Nasser Hussain has not been thought of as a strategically adept captain in the past as far as I know - inspiring - yes, gritty - yes, but a cunning strategist - no. Perhaps Hussain's tactics of bowling well outside off to Tendulkar that received such criticism at the time had a greater affect than we gave Hussain credit for.

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