26 December 2010

England's Xmas Present

England provided the perfect Xmas present for English supporters yesterday, but being English I still can't relax. What if we're bowled out for 280 and Ponting comes good in the second innings?

Come on England - be ruthless and deliver an even better present overnight tonight. I'd take still batting at the end of the day.


Ed said...

I'll take that! 440 odd for 5.

Andy Gibson said...

Great day for the English at the G yesterday - what a day! But yes, I was similarly concerned - all seemed too good to be true. Seems it wasn't a fluke though, the Aussie batting line-up just isn't as good as ours, they kept reaching outside off, and Anderson bowled beautifully. Forecast is good for the rest now, I expect them to score a bit tomorrow, but I can't see how we can lose it from here. Back to the MCG in the morning to gloat and drink in the atmosphere!