14 December 2010

Keeping cash in a hotel room

Hmmm, there's something that doesn't add up when it comes to the reason for so much money being in Salman Butt's hotel room. We hear that the Pakistan players are paid a pittance (in international terms), and that was one of the reasons put forward for why some could potentially have been tempted to spot fix in return for money. But now Salman Butt seems to be comfortable about the fact he had big wedges of cash in his hotel room.

What confuses me is (a) why the players weren't using bank accounts or even safes to keep their money in, and (b) why they are treated like small children and given a daily allowance in cash. They are on contracts with the Pakistan Cricket Board presumably so why aren't they paying them a proper salary monthly?

All sounds extremely weird. And to top it off apparently some ice cream parlour in Tooting is happy to pay Salman Butt £2,500 to open it. If true, I think we can safely say that ice cream parlour won't be making a profit and will close at some point....if it hasn't already.

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