21 December 2010

Strauss' use of Swann

I've got to say that I find it hard to disagree with Shane Warne's view that Strauss is using Graeme Swann poorly. It really could be the difference between the two sides if he doesn't get this right. I've Burbled before about the need for Strauss to attack with Swann and make Australia take risks - if he doesn't do this then the world's best spin bowler becomes a back-up bowler to give the faster bowlers a rest....and he didn't even play that role in Perth as he was given just 9 overs (even Collingwood got 6!).

Strauss is absolutely the right leader for England but just as players need to think about improving their batting, bowling and fielding, the captain needs to think about improving their captaincy. Captaincy includes many facets but the most visible is the on-field tactics and at the moment he's being too defensive. Strauss hasn't got much time to change this but I hope Andy Flower is atleast addressing this with him.

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