6 December 2010

High level of cricket debate in The George

As you'd expect there's a very high level of cricket debate in my local , but the early evening think tank last night ( Postman Ed ex- Worcester II, cider Pete and me) took only 10 seconds to decide on an overnight declaration. As we all now know the overseas think tank disagreed and I suspect that they got it right - Australia might be about level with 5/6 wickets in hand by now if they'd agreed with us.
What I did call correctly, however, was Pietersen as a wicket taker - 1 out of 2 isn't that shabby.


GROV said...

I think the intention was always to bat them out of the game and to leave 5 sessions (rain excepting) to bowl them out.

Judging from the reputation their tail has, I reckon we need two more wickets reasonably quickly to win.

Well Mave, not surprised that you supported Pietersen and the toss it up and see what happens school of thought!

idw said...

I've seen some of your other predictions and I'd say 1 out of 2 is a superb hit !