11 December 2010

Glamorgan problems continue

It goes on and on at Glamorgan as the club tries to recover from the self-induced problems amongst players and administrators. After the initial mess that followed Alan Hamer and Paul Russell's "strategic changes" that involved sacking Matthew Maynard and Jamie Dalrymple and lead to Paul Walker resigning, disagreements at the recent committee meeting meant that Nigel Roberts resigned and Glamorgan were left with no lead sponsor.

But it seems that Roberts has been tempted back now by Hamer (which wouldn't have happened if he wasn't taking his sponsorship money with him) so stay tuned for the next chapter in Glamorgan's self-induced chaos. Player-wise they have apparently secured Mark Cosgrove for T20 next year but it looks like their best young talent, Tom Maynard, may want out which is unsurprising given the way his father was stabbed in the back.

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