23 July 2010

Batting with number 10 or 11

3 times semi-set "batsman" have got themselves out when slogging because they're running out of partners in the Pakistan v Australia Test. First Tim Paine who top scored in Australia's first innings of 88 but was last out having a heave. Then Shoaib Malik out when batting with the number 10 having a slog. And today Steven Smith when on 77.

It's something that Flintoff always used to do too. Surely in this day and age the statisticians (of whom England apparently have 4!) should be able to tell the players how many balls the lower order are likely to face on average, and consequently advise on the best strategy for maximum runs. Having a slog and getting yourself out isn't, I think I can safely say, the correct way to maximise your team's chances of winning....

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