8 July 2010

Disappointing book from a hero

'A fascinating analysis of what makes a player tick' says The Times. Not really. I've been a fan of Justin Langer ever since he set aside the awful start to his career that must have been the coaching session from a fellow burbler and through his International career - briefly 'the best batsman in the world' and spells showing Middlesex and Somerset how to be professional.

So I thought 'Seeing the sunrise' would be ideal preparation for the stresses of tour - it isn't. It's a very disappointing series of long-winded platitudes and facile truisms. Fortunately it only took about an hour to read and then to bulk it up there are 18 blank pages for 'notes'! (is paper cheap / not made from trees anymore in Australia?).

Shame - but I'm still a fan.


Jez said...

Stresses of tour?! Apart from anxiously awaiting my arrival on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, can't see there being too many of those!

Tour manager said...

You have obviously never been involved in getting teams out on tour. Think about the pain of saturday constantly for 6 days in a row.

GROV said...

Solid defence and majestic cover drives, the burbler must have taught him well.
Being a good cricketer does not necessarily indicate a good all-round bloke. I am sure that we can all think of examples.