6 July 2010

Yorkshire comings and goings

Yorkshire were doing pretty well in the Twenty20 until they had a nightmare at Northants, who needed 13 to win off the final ball of the game but - aided by a no ball from Richard Pyrah - managed to tie the match. Then in their next match, they were never in the running chasing a par total at best of 155 against Warwickshire. They now stand fourth in the North Twenty20 table and need to bounce back quickly.

They're going well in the Championship against Warwickshire though on 325-4 after day 1.


Aussie Dave said...

Excuse my ignorance but is a no-ball worth two runs. I was unaware of this but according to my maths it must be for this scenario to occur (the tie I mean).

Ed said...

Yes, two for the no ball.