11 July 2010

Sussex fail to do Arundel Castle venue justice

Sussex sadly didn't compete today versus Surrey at Arundel Castle but the ground was great (check out the view from one side of the ground above), and the organisers toned down all the non-cricket stuff....lower volume on the music and no dancing girls. Sussex had lost within the first few overs as Symonds and Tremlett took early wickets, which is always the risk with Twenty20 because there's rarely time to wrestle back the advantage once it's been grabbed.
The top photo is Surrey celebrating one of their several early wickets. Sussex stumbled there way to 121 which was a good recovery from where they were, but when Kirtley dropped Hamilton-Brown early on in Surrey's reply, their misery was complete. There's always an upside though - results elsewhere meant that Sussex went through to the quarter-finals anyway.

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idw said...

The other upside of course is that Surrey won ! Nice venue - very much enjoyed it.