6 July 2010

T20 Boundries

Watching the Pak v Aus T20 today a couple of the boundary ropes look a long way from the advertising boards. Is there a minimum "official" size for a boundary? It must be a temptation for organisers to make them shorter and shorter to satisfy the perceived desire for more 4's and 6's.


Ed said...

there must be a minimum size but I don't know what it is - presumably tiny! I think it's vital that when the ball is hit to the boundary the batsman push hard looking for a two if they want to keep spectators involved ball-by-ball. If the boundaries are brought in too far that part of the game goes completely.

Boundary size was just one of my sarcastic comments on Cricinfo in relation to why the English Twenty20 game is seeing lower crowds.

Ed said...

apparently there is no minimum boundary size so look out for postage stamp size grounds for Twenty20 soon....they're already small and could get smaller!