19 March 2011

Graeme Smith's tactics

Interesting that Smith took Botha off when he was right on top of the batsmen. I definitely would have kept him going against Shakib, and would have had a short-leg, silly point and slip as he had bowled 4 overs, 1 for 11 before that. Even those figures were a little worse than they needed to be as Smith kept a long-off out throughout, allowing the Bangladesh batsman to occasionally nudge the ball down the ground without risk.

I see Smith as a similar type of captain to Strauss - pretty conservative - and I wonder if captaincy might be one of the factors that decides the winner of the World Cup on 2nd April. It made me smile when the commentators got all excited about Strauss keeping a short-leg in when Swann was bowling to Sarwan towards the end of the West Indies game, and the catch was taken there. Surely short-leg was a regulation position given that England had to take 10 wickets to win the match and they were running out of time?
46-5 off 19 as I type, and surely even in this topsy turvy World Cup, Bangladesh can't come back from here....


Pete V said...

Never mind all that - please go back to the comedy profile pic!

Ed said...

I'll do my best to keep using it regularly for you Pete!