7 March 2011

South Africa try to shake off chokers tag

When India won the 2nd ODI in their series against South Africa by 1 run, a crucial wrong decision went against them (Johna Botha) as there was no UDRS in place. I would argue that decision changed the result although of course there's no way anyone can say for sure.

From there the collapse specialists / chokers tag was always going to come back - it's like speculation on the stock market...it becomes self-fulfilling given the extra pressure.

I wonder if this "marshmallow syndrome" that has been written about would have surfaced if the UDRS had been in place in the South Africa / India ODI series?

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Andrew said...

I wonder if Andy Zaltzman is right that 'there's nothing more dangerous than a South African team that has got its choke out of the way early on'. Then again, maybe it bodes badly for the rest of their tournament.