28 March 2011

Sri Lanka must be feeling the pressure

As you know I think the best two teams who should contest the final are India and Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka are no doubt favourites tomorrow. But I can't agree with the headline "Mismatch unless NZ can raise game"! New Zealand just beat South Africa pretty easily so I don't think they need to raise their game that much....they just need a bit of luck to go their way, as any short format game can go either way.

Sri Lanka may be worrying about Murali's fitness, but equally if he isn't fit they're likely to being in Kulasekera who is the 5th rated ODI bowler in the world - not a bad replacement.

But whatever team Sri Lanka pick, if New Zealand play as they did against South Africa it certainly won't be a mismatch - it'll make interesting viewing. I'm sure that given the media assertions of their superiority, including here at Cricket Burble, Sri Lanka will be sleeping a little uneasily tonight....

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