27 March 2011

JR Hartley, the leg-spin bowler

In case you hadn't guessed by my lack of posts, I was away last week soaking up the sun in the Brecon Beacons (really - I was, thanks to the unseasonal weather). I randomly found Fly Fishingby JR Hartley in a second hand bookshop and thought I'd better buy it, given the book's notoriety thanks to playing a leading role in an old Yellow Pages ad.

You don't need to know about fly fishing to enjoy it and it's a quick and easy read so I'd recommend it. And early on he explains that he was a promising school boy leg break bowler, so he immediately endeared himself to me. Perhaps it's too much to suggest that all good people take an interest in cricket, but it certainly acts as a pretty good indication of character to me!

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