27 March 2011

Jack Iverson

Another book I read not so long ago was Mystery Spinner: The Story of Jack Iverson. A truly incredible story of someone who turned up to his local cricket club in his 30s, started out in their 3rd XI, moved up to the 1st team, onto "proper" cricket, and then into the Australian Test side. And he didn't just make it into the side - he was the most threatening bowler, bowling with a style that is best described as individual, but equally might be loosely likened to Ajantha Mendis.

Not surprisingly his career was short-lived given his age, and he resumed a fairly anonymous life, allbeit one with glorious Ashes winning memories. But the sudden notoriety followed by relative anonymity appeared to be difficult for him to deal with and he committed suicide on my birthday. Hopefully it will be Jack Iverson's many international wickets that will come to mind annually each time I get a year older, rather than his final moments. I'd encourage you to read the book for yourselves if you haven't already....

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